• PetSafe Review: They’re Tops for Dog Lovers!


    Only the best for my boy. Who couldn’t love that face?!

    One of my favorite PetSafe products has to be the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence (also known as the PIF00-12917). I’ve had dogs for as long as I can remember, and I’ve never believed it’s fair to keep them tied up in the yard or leave them stuck inside all day. They have energy to burn and need the exercise! In my old house we decided to put up a fence to keep the dogs from running away while we were at work during the day, but that didn’t stop our bouncy black lab from scaling and leaping over the 6.5 foot fence into the neighbors yard or out on the street. After trying to train her not to do this with no success, we had almost given up hope. However, a friend of mine suggested trying out wireless fences to keep them in the yard and I figured I may as well give it a shot. Since we had a smaller back yard at the time and it was my first experience with them, I opted for a cheaper unit. It actually did the trick after we introduced it to both of our dogs, and we didn’t have many escape attempts after that (though she took advantage of the battery dying often).

    In the last year we have moved to a much larger lot. This worried me a bit, but with the decent success of the other wireless fence, I decided to splurge a little on a better quality unit. This is when I bought the PetSafe Stay and Play unit. It actually came with 2 collars which was very convenient, as we have 2 dogs! Another quality that was a pleasant surprise was the distance that it covered. I was worried it might not cover both the front and back yard, but it actually did! It was a bit different for my dogs to get used to, since it makes a bit of a noise when it’s turned on, but I decided to just keep the actual unit in the garage where they never really go. I decided to do a bit of a training session with them to make sure there were no surprises for them.

    We walked around with their collars on them and played some fetch in the yard. When they would get near the perimeter of the fence, the collars would emit a beeping noise to let them know not to go much further. One of my dogs decided that was enough for her to turn back towards the house. The other, however, is a little more adventurous (she’s the escape artist). At first she tested the waters and continued after the beeping, resulting the static shock correction (it’s not as strong as others I’ve looked at, after testing it on my arm I was a little under-impressed and worried my dog wouldn’t feel it through her fur). Soon enough though, I learned that she was feeling it enough to leave a bad impression of breaking the rules. Within less than a week, our girl was going no where near the flags we put out to mark the perimeter. I guess she learned pretty quick after all!

    We’ve been using this Stay and Play unit for a while now and have had no issues at all with escaping or misbehaving from either dog! Because it’s such a small transmitter, we’ve actually taken it on camping trips with us to make sure the dogs don’t go too far and get hurt or disturb other families. I’d give this unit a solid 4.5/5 gold stars, much like other users I found online!

  • What’s New in Grooming and Shaving?

    There’s something about beards that set real men apart from the rest. It is in that unique cut that perfectly outlines the shape of their mouth that almost all women would prefer. Women would revel on the different styles of beard trimming men do for their grooming and shaving routine.

    And now, there is a new kind of beard trimming that will REALLY set real men apart from the laser-petrified guys. The rechargeable razor, Philips Norelco 9000 laser trimmer is the new trend in beard trimming. Ever wonder how some men are able to achieve that perfectly cut beard in that seemingly flawless CGI manner? Nope, they don’t spend hours in the bathroom with a traditional shaver and a magnifying glass just to be able to perfect the cut that they need for their beard. They make sure they know what’s up by reading through beard trimmer reviews and rankings and getting the absolute best.

    9000 trimmer

    Philips gives “manscaping” a new concept

    Back in the days, masculinity is defined by having a forest of hair from your face down to your chest. However, the laws on Grooming and Shaving 101 have now been amended. Today, there is nothing sexier about men who don’t have wild body hair and letting some of it stay in a tamely fashion on some parts of the body.

    Benefits of the 9000:

    Keeps that beard’s fine line flawless

    Now, we just can’t discredit the utterly fanatical men groomers who just couldn’t settle on just having that shady beard line. You might as well have to toss your razor to the bin as it surely won’t be able to get that crisp cut and shave which the Norelco 9000 can.

    Maintain a clean goatee

    Don’t be a wild looking goat with a disheveled goatee. Clean men deserve some clean goatee – if you just don’t want to get rid of it. The trimmer of the Norelco 9000 has that outstanding built in laser which cuts those stubborn tousled hair in a perfect laser precision.

    It is waterproof

    When it comes to being high-maintenance, rest assured that it won’t join the bandwagon. As much as you want nothing more but to maintain a top shaving and grooming routine, which would possibly take hours, rest assured that it can be easily cleaned in a faucet.

    It keeps you in tune with fashion

    Who says that being well groomed should be always conventional looking and traditional? Beard trimming is like hair cutting; it has its new trends and fashion. Try not to look like a Spanish conquistador with funny moustache and maintain that perfect metrosexual modern look with that killer beard. (Thanks to Beard Institute for the update in beard style lessons!)

    It is best for trimming sideburns

    It is always a challenge to trim them especially when they are at the middle of the ear. Usually, one has to measure roughly before trimming. But with the 9000, you can perfectly measure and line that perfect cut so as to avoid that uneven look.

    Indeed, with Norelco 9000 laser trimmer, you don’t have to worry about spending long hours in the bathroom just to obsessively create that perfect clean shaven, flawless moustache or beard – unless though you’d be constantly draining the battery in the morning while standing in front of your cabinet mirror going “pew! Pew! Pew!”, now that’s another story.

  • Top Fish Finder Brands

    best fish finderToday fish finders are an essential fishing tool. There are different types of fish finders and their features are also different from one another. There are lots of brands of fish finders are available on the market today. Let’s take a look some top brands and why they are so effective and popular. Pay attention if you’re looking for the best fish finder!



    These fish finders are the ideal price/performance models on the market. If one desires to purchase an excellent brand at a reasonable cost, they may consider buying an Eagle product. These are cost-effective options for those who want a high quality, efficient tool that is very precise. It’s a great value for someone who prefers a presented loaded design. Single & double frequency gadgets are provided by Eagle. Single frequency will be required for national & fresh water sport fishing, while double frequency is required for fishing in water deeper than 600 ft. Features consist of built in heat sensor, zoom capability bottom monitoring, & advance indication handling that adapts instantly for the best sonar image.


    It provides a hand held fish finder. This is a less expensive way to go, & very well worth for the money. The model of Hawkeye from Norcross provides a small style to fit in a deal with the box, immediate detail updates to the closest one 10th of a foot, & works in the temp range ranges at 0 F. The DF2200PX unit provides water & air heat range flows to the closest one 10th of a degree Celsius or Fahrenheit, & allows you to check out an area for fall offs, fish concealing from 199 ft, & ledges.


    Garmin International Inc. models, produces, & sells navigation & communications tool for the aircraft & consumer marketplaces. Garmin items serve aircraft, marine, wireless, automotive, OEM, & general entertainment applications. Garmin goals to enhance the lives of clients by offering the very best items that offer top quality, safety, & functional features at reasonable prices.


    These fish finders are the top selection for commercial and sport fishers. From pike vessels to professional seiners, Furuno has a device which will fit any boat. This brand is a very well known brand of digital fish finders. They’ve the popularity for being excellent in stability as well as performance. These gadgets are impressive & reasonably priced.


    Lowrance has been an innovator in underwater digital devices since it developed the 1st customer sonar system in 1957. In the time since, this brand has never wavered from its objective to force the package of impressive performance to help fishermen find & catch fish.

    This brand makes digital fish finders in many kinds. The lightweight model functions a 4″ display which can have GPS set up on it. It comes in single or double frequency. Another option for this organization is the high-resolution display system that comes in with 10, 8, 7, & 5 inch displays. For a less expensive choice of this brand, have a look at the full-sized sound navigation ranging that provide up to 400W of peak to peak power with double frequency.

    There’s no question that a fish finder improves your possibilities of a more interesting fishing adventure. There are a lot of great models available from different brands. If you enjoy fishing, then utilizing a digital fish locator should be something which you try at least once.

  • Do Water Flossers Actually Work?

    Flossing is a very important part of any dental health routine, but too many people take it for granted, or find it too troublesome to actually do regularly. This is a real shame, because you only ever get one set of teeth once your baby ones fall out, so if you neglect them now, you’re sure to run into trouble later on in life. These problems could cost you a load of time and money and cause you serious pain.

    A solution to average dental floss, though is water flossing. If you can believe it, there is a type of device that uses water to floss, meaning it’s easy to use and won’t make your gums bleed! It’s definitely worth looking out for the best water flosser for your needs if you want a clean mouth but hate flossing.

    You might be wondering if these devices really work.

    Well, obviously it depends on whether you’re using them right or not, and they are most effective used in conjunction with brushing, dental floss, and mouth wash, but the short answer is, “YES!”

    They are otherwise known as oral irrigators and come in counter-top models, cordless battery-powered models that are great for travel, and showerhead or faucet attachment models. You will be able to find what you’re looking for better by visiting a site like www.waterflosserhq.com.

    Waterpik is one of the most popular brands and has the best selling water flosser on the market today. While most units can be said to work and be just as good as dental floss, Waterpik had a study done that proved that their unit was 50% more effective than dental floss at removing food particles from teeth. This means you’ll be well taken care of with their products, or any other flosser for that matter.

    best water flosser

    Dental floss is great, but water flossing is even better!

  • 3D Printers: The Future Is Here

    3d printing

    The Future Is Here

    Hard time believing it? Us, too.

    3D printing has come a long way and is easily one of the top stories here over the past year or so.

    While controversial for things like the ability to create parts for guns, the potential is just insane and we could really make some amazing things if we harness this technology.

    They’re getting better, too, which means just like LCD, Plasma, and LED TVs, eventually the price will fall as time progresses and they become more mainstream and more research is done into perfecting them.

    They’re one of the hottest stories on T3 for this year – wow!

  • Feature Overload? What Your Beard Trimmer Needs

    With tech and gadgetry expanding and advancing at an amazing rate these days, it’s no surprise that when we talk about the best beard trimmers on the market, people will have opinions about particular models that are packed full of features and add-ons.

    With the recent release of the Philips Norelco StyleXpert BeardTrimmer 9000 that comes with a precision laser guide, it’s a good time to discuss what you need in a beard trimmer and what kind of add-ons are really useful and what ones are just gimmicky.

    The latest features seem to be the laser guide, which acts like a laser level and shows you where you’ll cut before you actually do it, the vacuum, which sucks up cut hairs as you trim, and the turbo boost, which kicks the motor into high gear to cut through thick or long hair.

    It is doubtful that the laser guide adds a lot to your experience. With a little practice, you’ll know where you need to trim. Also, you’ll have to keep the trimmer in the exact same angle while you cut if you want to get a straight line, and that seems just about impossible to get perfect. This is a gimmicky feature and does not improve upon your shave.

    The vacuum is hit or miss, depending on the manufacturer and your expectations. Typically the Philips QT4070 is the best vacuum trimmer out there, and it gets most hairs, but not all. Others have tried to perfect the vacuum feature but none have succeeded. The Philips is the best on the market, but it doesn’t overwhelm you with it’s usefulness. A neat thing to have to cut down on the mess, to be sure, but again, not totally necessary.

    Turbo boost is sort of a strange thing to add, because in most models, people find that the motor is fine and they don’t have specific areas of hair that is too tough, coarse, or long to require the use of it, or they find that it’s just better to keep it on all the time. It seems strange to market a trimmer and say here’s what we’re capable of (turbo), but we’re still going to make the normal setting and expect you use it. Why not just up your game and make all your motors ‘turbo’ all the time?

    The point is, very few features and add-ons make a beard trimmer a better tool for shaving facial hair. Don’t be swayed by the gimmicks and marketing. All you need is a good, solid trimmer with a good motor, great blades, and a few length options.

    To find out more about beard trimmers, and to review the best of the best, be sure to visit http://www.beardguide.com.

    best beard trimmer

  • The Hottest Beard Trimmers of 2013

    There are a few beard trimmers that really stand out at the moment. They’re the top sellers in the market place at a time when electronics, gadgets, and grooming tools are in hot demand.

    The Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro is tops when it comes to best sellers for trimmers and clippers. The brightly colored guide combs make it easy to remember your preferred number and is especially good if multiple people in the house use it, particularly kids. Being Wahl, it’s of great quality and has absolutely astounding reviews and ratings from actual users.

    Philips Norelco has the BG2040 BodyGroom Pro ranking in the top 5 at the moment. This tool has really taken off in terms of sales and popularity. Not only is this a beard trimmer, but it is a double sided tool with the other side containing a foil shaver for the complete shaving experience. This is one gadget that you don’t want to go without!

    This list is heavily populated by Philips – Their QT4000/42 Beard Trimmer is among the best and most popular at the moment, having achieved an average of 4.4/5 star rating from actual users of the product, and you can find it for under $20! That’s great value, particularly because it comes with 10 lengths and great quality.

    I wasn’t lying about Philips Norelco! The high-tech QT4070 Vacuum Trimmer is right up there, too, with hundreds of positive ratings, loads of features, and a fair price to boot. With 18 length settings, a vacuum to suck up cut hair, a turbo button and a cool multi-function display, this is like the Cadillac of trimmers.

    There you have it! The best and hottest trimmers on the market in 2013 for your bearded and gadget-loving self!